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Not downplaying your editing skills or anything, but at least link to the source.

The character base is really dope! I had to edit it a bit to get rid of the sword during the swinging animation for something a little more dynamic, but check it out in use!

(I tried posting a gif, but the file size is too big!)

Your assets are amazing! I just purchased this and the fire one. You have my support for sure. I'm eager to see what you come out with next :}

You work uber fast! The new stock is awesome ^^ I'm def gonna have to donate to you or something :)

We have swords and lances! Where are the axes for the weapon triangle, FE style? x3

Also, do you plan on adding more tomes?

My day has been made with this pack, man :)

I'm hyped and I haven't even purchased it yet (darned payday!) The art style is amazing! After the monster pack, what's the next course of action? (I guess I'm asking for a roadmap though I'm being a little too over eager!)

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I'll be on the lookout. Until then, I can't wait ^^

So far the tileset looks awesome in the screenshots,  though I haven't purchased it yet. Do you plan on releasing the Horror City: City Tileset here?