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I'm hyped and I haven't even purchased it yet (darned payday!) The art style is amazing! After the monster pack, what's the next course of action? (I guess I'm asking for a roadmap though I'm being a little too over eager!)

Thank you! It really helps a lot to hear that. :)

I just made a devlog answering that question:

It also has a tiny preview of two of the new additions that will be in the next pack. :>

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Pita been using your pack in my game and think its great. I'm hoping that in your next update you would be able to add the levers (which you said you would be happy to do, so that's cool). Pots breaking into pieces, Coins, Hearts, Keys (These 3 just to keep the ui /items in theme with the graphics).

I've made myself using your art a sliding down metal bar door which i think looks pretty cool so i think you should add something like that in as well.

I hope these are suggestions that you would happy to do in future updates. Looking forward to your monster pack!! 

Glad this pack is already getting some use!

Coins, keys, and other items are planned, but will have to wait until later packs (UI/item icon pack). Since I'm going to be focusing on more tilesets and characters for a while yet, I would suggest that you continue to make your own additions for the time being.

I don't plan to add extra animations to the tileset at the moment (like pots breaking or doors opening).

Sorry that I can't help with these suggestions, but don't hesitate to ask for things in the future. I'm keeping a list of additions I want to add (like the levers), and I'm definitely open to ideas!