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You can modify for the purpose of your project, correct. You just can't edit and then re-sell the artwork itself.

I don't intend to make a unity package for this (or the Dungeon set). I don't know much about Unity so don't feel particularly comfortable giving specific advice about it.  From memory, when I setting up the Overworld tileset for Unity I followed the instructions in the manual (here) and a blog post on the Unity blog (here). Things may have changed in Unity since that blog post and since I made that package. A quick search of 'unity tilemap' on youtube brings up more than a few more recent tutorials, so I'd probably start there.

Sorry I can't help more!

16 tiles. 
Terrains cover the 16 tiles described here: 2-corner Wang Tiles
Walls, fences, hedges use these 16 tiles: 2-edge Wang Tiles

The water tiles from the overworld tileset won't be compatible straight away. However, with some small tweaks to the grass colour, they could fit fairly easily.

It wouldn't be perfect -- that tileset was a drawn to a different scale than these so there are some minor style differences -- but I think they could do the job.

I don't plan to add side/rear idle animations, sorry.

There are three main issues from memory (I'm not well-versed in RPG Maker):

  • These aren't in the format that RPG Maker VX Ace accepts, so you'll need to shift things around so they fit how VX Ace wants them.
  • These are 16x16 pixel tiles. RPG Maker VX Ace uses 32x32 pixel tiles I think. You could double the size of the tiles to make them fit, but they'll have bigger pixels than everything else assuming they also haven't been doubled.
  • I believe the auto-tiling that RPG Maker uses is not that same format that I've used here, so you will have to do some editing if you want to use the auto-tiling terrains in RPG Maker.

Hi, I'm not taking on any extra work currently. Thanks for asking.

Yes, they're both 16x16 pixel tiles, and designed as if they were for the same project.

The tiles are 16*16 pixels.

Thanks for this comment!

I don't want to make any promises regarding future packs, but I definitely would like to add more characters at some point.

Thanks for clarifying that earlier comment, not sure how I got down the track I was on and see the issue he was describing straight away now.

I don't have plans to amend this set at the moment.

I agree that the bottom edge of the house tiles could use some more breaking up so it isn't so jarring, although I wouldn't personally use the solution you described. Still, you're welcome to make any edits to the set as you see fit.

Thanks again!

It can be used for commercial projects, yes.

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Not sure if I understand you correctly, but the height of the walls (minus house upper layer) is deliberately one 16 pixel tile high  -- decided early on that'd be a part of this style and tried to stay consistent with that.

I can understand how some people would prefer taller walls that overlap characters a bit, and that would actually be easier to draw as you don't have to break perspective/geometry to fit stuff in as much, but I'm sticking with how it is in this series.

I didn't understand you correctly, whoops! Not sure how I misinterpreted that.

I don't have plans for making adjustments at the moment. Sorry this part of the tileset bothers you!

I'd love to add more environments like that, but it's currently on the back-burner due to my other commitments. If/when I get time to work on this asset pack series, another character pack will be next up before anything like that.

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There aren't any colour restrictions for this asset pack, so the palette is quite... expansive, haha. I don't think it would be very useful at its current monstrous stage (you may as well be picking from the basic colour picker in your image editor at this point).

If you like the colours I'd treat it like a non-pixel art image and find the colours you like and try to mimic it.

Thanks for your comment!
It's been a while since I've tinkered from Unity, but from memory there are couple different places you can affect animation speeds for tiles. Easiest way is to adjust the animation frame rate of the entire tilemap (just double check your tiles are on the correct tilemap if it doesn't appear to change anything). You can also change the frame duration of the animated tiles one by one.. Could be a bit tortuous that way but possible.

Here's a video showing the two different ways:

I'm not a unity expert by any means, so hopefully that helps!

Thanks! Can't say re: next pack. It could be a very long time away as I'm currently knees-deep on another project.

Thanks! I'm not currently accepting commissions, sorry. 

16x16 pixels mainly. The larger characters (orc, troll) stand a bit taller than that. They also extend beyond 16x16 during various animations.

Woops! Thanks for letting me know.

With modern screen resolutions and pixel art, you're going to need to do some sort of scaling to get the big pixels.

I haven't used Construct before, so I can't give specific advice about that, but in general I would rather scale the pixel art in-engine rather than resizing the actual resources. I would be surprised if Construct doesn't have some way to do this, so you may want to ask in their forums about how other developers go about making pixel art games in that engine.

It may be that they actually do scale the resources themselves, in which case you're right: just scale up the resources to the desired size in any image editor. Just make sure you scale in integers and without anti-aliasing so you don't get blurry or wonky pixels!

I don't plan to add special death animations, sorry.

(another solution: the classic 'spin in a circle then explode!')

No, it isn't. Sorry! I need to refresh my memory on what needs to be done, but due to RPG Maker MV's restrictions I think it will need quite a bit of editing to work.

2 tile high walls are possible with this set. The tutorial covers this very lightly (just some example pictures - check the 2+ story section). But I recommend looking closely at the example scene (blue roof building) to see how these tiles can be used like that.

Thanks for this comment! Next tileset will definitely be compatible. I've been wanting to do another character pack for a long time, so that might come first (and will include female heroes for sure).

Thank you very much for purchasing!

I enjoyed drawing the furniture a lot! I will be adding more furniture to future tilesets, but the next tileset will probably be more outdoor areas... it could be a while away!

Creating a 32x32 version would best be done starting from scratch, so I don't have any plans to do this, sorry!

Strictly speaking, the license requires that end users aren't able to extract and use the assets outside of your project.

However, if it's communicated clearly that the assets aren't free and that users need to purchase a license for themselves if they wish to use them in another/their own project I'm ok with it. But your project will never be purely open source using these assets, sorry!

I would like to do another outdoors tileset (with cliffs, water, a variety of trees, and maybe farm-related things) before I move on to other settings. I won't decide for sure just yet though.

I made sure the projection is all consistent (although sometimes design / tile efficiency takes preference over that). I think what may be throwing it off for him is that the walls (under layer) are already 'sliced' quite low so that they take up exactly 1 tile without overlap. The roof tiles are not only just adding the roof, but also draw the rest of the wall that has been hidden. Had to do it like this for it to fit with other existing tiles (like the door frames).

Released the 3rd tileset in my RPG asset series last night. Phew!

(itch store page)

This is a 16x16 tileset for creating villages. Includes plenty of documentation and examples using Tiled (with terrains set up).

I'm trying to capture a warm, charming, fairy-tale feel with these assets. If you feel it might suit a prototype or project of yours, please take a look!

Hi! It can fit buildings as small as 2x4 tiles (including walls). 5x4 tiles if you actually want to fit a door on it.

Does that answer your question? (not sure if I understood correctly)

Hi drpumpkinhead,

The license doesn't allow you to let users extract and use the assets for other things, so I think there needs to be some kind of attempt to package it. BUT If that's unavoidable because of the nature of your project, I'm ok with it as long as it's clear to the users that they can't use 'em. Just include in the readme (or somewhere noticeable) 'hey these assets aren't free!' and point them in this direction!

Thank you everyone for the nice comments. :>

Thank you!

Hello! I've just released my second tileset in my WONDERDOT series of RPG assets.

It's time to get out of those dank dungeons and explore the wilderness:

Overworld Tileset Preview

(Itch Store Page)

This is an overworld tileset using 16x16 pixel tiles.

I'm looking to capture a classic JRPG/SRPG feel, with warm and clear colours and a cute, classic aesthetic. My main inspirations are the Shining Force & Fire Emblem series.

If you think assets of this nature might suit a project of yours please check it out!

Yes, the license allows that! Thanks for supporting me by purchasing this pack, it helps a lot. :)

Yes, you are correct! The license allows you to use the assets for one project (commercial or non-commercial). I don't take a cut after purchase.