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???? How do you start the game? I downloaded it and I'm not sure how to start it. Which folder is it in?

when I got it. It was in a zipped folder. I had to extract it then I got the icon to start the game. It wasn't in a folder. If you have a question I would contact them.

Hiya. I had the same problem you did when I first got the game. Do you know where the (I think it's WinRAR) zip archive is? It's the 3 book icon with the words AsagaoAcademy1.0 next to it. Click on it. Click on the second folder in the file (The first takes you out of the WinRAR.), and after that click on the one that has the type as 'Application'. That is the game, however I suggest taking the folder out of WinRAR. To do this just open WinRAR like normal, but instead of going into the second folder, just drag it to where ever you want, then open that folder (The one you just moved). It is easier to find the game that way, because it has a blue flower icon instead of a white box. I know that seemed a little confusing but I hope that helped.

You'll need to unzip the zipped game folder. You can use WinRAR if you're on Windows. Once unzipped, the game is inside the main Asagao Academy folder. It has a blue flower icon!