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I believe it is missing one of the files needed to completely download. So I suggest if you want to play the game, Download the first file (The one compatible with all computers). It works completely fine (Just before you start the game, take the folder (The entire folder, not just the game) out of WinRAR, otherwise you can't save any progress. It will be deleted as soon as you exit the game.)

I Suggest downloading the one that is compatible with all types of computer not just the windows download, because that version works completely fine (Minus the having to move the file out of WinRAR to even save the game).

Hiya. I had the same problem you did when I first got the game. Do you know where the (I think it's WinRAR) zip archive is? It's the 3 book icon with the words AsagaoAcademy1.0 next to it. Click on it. Click on the second folder in the file (The first takes you out of the WinRAR.), and after that click on the one that has the type as 'Application'. That is the game, however I suggest taking the folder out of WinRAR. To do this just open WinRAR like normal, but instead of going into the second folder, just drag it to where ever you want, then open that folder (The one you just moved). It is easier to find the game that way, because it has a blue flower icon instead of a white box. I know that seemed a little confusing but I hope that helped.

Hiya! I'm having a bit of a problem. Yesterday I was playing the game. I beat Jon's route and got to chapter two of Satch's. I had saved the game about 8 times the last being right before I exited out of the game. Well I went back today to continue Satch's route, and all my saves were gone. I have version 1.0 of the game, so I don't really know how to fix it. P.s. I was playing Jon's route after I had redownloaded the game to get the update. I hadn't played the game before redownloading the game.

I had to, I don't know about anyone else.