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Hi! I'll do my best to explain!

> Click the green "Download Now" button

> Click "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"

> There's a list of versions of the game. If you're on a computer running Windows, click the "Download" button next to "" If you're on a Mac, click the button next to "" If you're using Linux, select the one next to ""

> The game downloads as a zipped folder that you'll need to unzip. If you're using a Windows computer, I recommend the program WinRAR. It's free. Right click on the zipped folder and "Extract Files". Set the destination to anywhere EXCEPT your Program Files folder and extract. If you're on a Mac, I think you can double click the zipped folder to unzip it? I have a PC, so I'm not sure... I wont be able to help you unzip the game with Linux as I've never used it.

> Open the unzipped folder and inside is a blue pixel flower icon called Asagao Academy. Double click that to launch the game!

Are you using Windows 10? And/or is your Asagao folder inside your Program Files folder?

Hello! What is your OS?

Yes! Redownload the newest version of the game to a new location. You can go into your old Asagao Academy folder and inside the "game" folder there's a folder called "saves". Right click and copy that entire folder. Then go into your new Asagao Academy folder and paste your saves folder into that version's "game" folder (note that if you haven't started up the new version of Asagao at least once, there wont be a "saves" folder inside the games folder. That doesn't matter! You can paste the saves folder in there anyway and it'll work.)

Alternatively, you can just overwrite your old Asagao Academy folder with the newer version and it'll replace all the files that need to be replaced and still keep your saves. If you do it this way, I recommend making a copy of your Asagao folder beforehand, just in case.

You'll need to unzip the zipped game folder. You can use WinRAR if you're on Windows. Once unzipped, the game is inside the main Asagao Academy folder. It has a blue flower icon!

Your Asagao folder is probably located inside your Program Files folder right now. You can't save data inside that folder. Move your entire Asagao folder to a new location (like your desktop) and you'll be able to save without your saves mysteriously deleting themselves!

Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the game c:

Did you unzip the folder? All you need to do is download it and unzip it to any location besides your Program Files folder (you can't save data in that folder so your save files will erase themselves if you store your Asagao folder inside your Program Files folder.) I use WinRAR to unzip folders. Once unzipped, just open the folder and the game will be in there with a blue pixel flower icon. It's an .exe called Asagao Academy and you wont need any special program to run it!

Don't keep your Asagao Academy folder inside your Program Files folder! If you save and come back, your save files will be wiped. Any other location should be fine.

You should be able to just hit 'ignore' and continue the game for any errors that come up! Those errors are from Jared's sparkles, but we think they're an engine-related issue, not one we can fix.

Very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be able to pass thing along to others who are having this issue!

The issue is with Windows 10 deleting your .exe file without warning. Look a few comments down from this, someone accidentally figured out a fix to this that worked for them. Might work for you too!

I've seen this a few times with Windows 10. Windows 10 is deleting the .exe file without giving you warning or an option. The problem is, I haven't seen a fix for this and I don't know why it's doing that on some computers while most people are able to download and play it just fine /:

What's your operating system?

It's probably your antivirus deleting the .exe file. You'll have to go into your antivirus program and make an exception for the game.