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Awesome! Thanks for the quick fix! Will check it out! :)

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Have you already downloaded it? I noticed an inconvenience. The jump meter resets to lowest upon transitions. I'm uploading an updated file without that problem. If it bothers you download it again.

EDIT: Re-Reuploading to fix a minor visual bug.

No worries, haven't had a chance to check it out yet anyway. Will give the new build a go later today. Thanks! :)

No problem. Thank you for the feedback :)

Sorry man, it still feels screwy. I think it's the way you have to charge up your jumps that's doing it. Tried turning on casual jumping but then it wouldn't let me jump high at all. Hope this helps! :)

Hey AlphaBetaGamer. This shouldn't be happening, it's either a bug or you're doing it incorrectly. You must hold the left mouse button to charge the jump and the right to uncharge it and it stays put. Then, when you tap you jump as high as you've set it. If you hold she will still charge a high jump. It's in the description  but maybe it's not clear enough. Have you done all this and it doesn't work? If yes, I'll take a look again.

Ah, okay. I was using the spacebar. didn't realize you use the mouse too. Will check it out.