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I must say that I'm not a fan of chess, but taking the movement rules and making it a puzzle game was a great idea. The background story complements the gameplay very well. On to some nitpicks: the 10 second timer didn't really affect the gameplay at the end which was strange. As the knight was much more challenging to navigate compared to the bishop, it might have made more sense to put that later. Some ideas for extending the game further: additional challenge could come from enemy pieces that would attack you if you land in the wrong spot (but that would make it more of a roguelike). All in all a great entry!

Yeah, you are right about the timer.  I just needed to add some kind of game ending. There is an explosion animation and after that the Deep Blue is gone. Since picking timer is a precondition to reach the end I added 10s timeout to show the timer was useful for something.. Could be  better but I was running out of time and this ending is probably better than no ending.

About enemies - I was actually thinking about add some pawn guards which won't let the pawn pass. And our pawn could jump diagonally over one of them as in chess. It could bring more different puzzle situations. 

Thank you for feedback!