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I freaking love that little series. Went sleep 2am yesterday just to finish all the 4 games, and I had to wake up 6am today.

Also, I have a little question. I'm a (aspirant) writter, currently I'm writting a book where the protagonist is a young gay girl who loves cute and gay stuff, like cute yuri games and animes, and this game is exactly the kind of game she would enjoy playing. Do you mind if I mention your game in my story, as something she plays? I was thinking even in making that her favorite game, that's how much it suits her. Also, can you tell me when the first game of your series was first published? 

Sorry for the bad English, I'm not a native anglophone speaker.

thank you for playing! sorry to deprive you of sleep ;)

yeah i don't mind if you mention it in your story! and the first game came out january 2016 (but treat's first appearance was in syrup and the ultimate sweet which came out halloween 2015)

oh dont worry, I have 3 cats, wich means I can hardly sleep anyways :v