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Almas Carvalho

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explica pros gringo tbm, quem sabe eles não adota a gente e nos tira desse buraco fascista? :v 

one day I will be extremely rich and then I will come back here and give u money for all these games (but first I need to complete my transition, cover my body in tattoos and get away from my fascist home country....... be patient :v )

at least I hope so

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yo, uma sugestão: fazer uma versão do jogo traduzida em inglês pra atrair mais público, a maioria do povo por aqui é gringo ner  :v 

enfym, vou testar o jogo agora 

EDIT: ah tar, intam a parte em tuga são só as dublagens, eu achay que ia ter uma historinha e tals e ela estaria em português, o que dificultaria pra quem não fala tuga pra jogar :v  

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my first ending:

"Ruby kills Luna Fracta, then she tells Crescent Rose they dont love each other, it's just a matter of convenience. Then, she lets Crescent Rose fade into they ley lines after coming back to the world and marries Weiss. Blake marries Yang, Jaune marries Pyrrha, Nora marries Ren....... and somehow they get a polyamorous relationship with Penny"


that NoraxRenxPenny one was really unexpected, but okay, I guess? :v 

it's not a bad one, just funny and unexpected, I cant see Ren and Nora in a relationship with Penny :v

you deserve free cake for the rest of your life. That's how good this game is.

also, is the game finished or do you count on making more chapters? 

noice, moar gay stuff 

is Shriek's power the ability to absorb the powers of other people? :v 

thats me playing the game:

"why dont you 2 just kiss already...?"

"wait, why is there no 'Jam' option?"

"okay, let's try all the options, one by one..."

"the doggie is cute, the zombie is cool, but none is satisfying enough....."

"seriously, I wanna her to kiss Jam! They're obviously made for each other!"

"oh, cool, snacks"





Almas is a genius, thank you very much

I just dont get how am I supposed to hit them, since they always move away when I end the turn :v

wait, is it supposed to be impossible to fight the guards? The only way to pass is running away from them? 




actually I'm agender, but it's okay :v 

that scene where they announce the other guilds they got hired was the best one, it was like they where announcing their gaynnes :v 

"go home everyone, WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GAY................. just got hired" :v 

anyways, good game :v

I named my guild "WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOO GAY" :v 

best decision ever made :v 

if I could, I would give you a cake for this game. 

Since I cant, here, have a comment :v 

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oh, actually I'm brazillian, I'm writting it in Portuguese

but if it somehow becomes successful and get a translation for English, sure :v 

wow, great game

and also it gave me some inspiration to my book :v

so congratz, if I could I would give you a cake :v 

me at the end of the game: "OH GOD GO EAT A CAKE TOGETHER YOU 2"

that's how an ace person shipps ace couples :v 

anyways, good game :v 

oh, okay now it worked, thanks :v

then, where do I put it? :v

maybe they already had that RTP stuff? :v

how can I get it? Do you know? :v

what's RTP data and where exactly do I donwload it? q

I searched it on google but not sure if the link I've got is the correct one

"RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this game"

what does that even means? -q

I'm gonna follow you here then, but I have no twitter account (or money) :v 

anyways, thanks :v

good game, played the third chapter a while ago and now I'm here again because I thought about a question

is there a way to receive notifications or something when the game gets a new update? :v 

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is that inspired on Madoka Magica? :v

a girl with time-control, dark-braided hair and glasses, doing everything she can to save the cute-pinkish girl who literally creates the universe, and the pinkish-girl always being erased from existence and stuff :v 

anyways, really good game.... actually, no

really GAY game :v 

being "gay" is way better than being "good" :v 

a 24/10 for ya 

24 is the number for gay people in my country, so dats why :v 

congratz!!!! :v  (yeh i love this little pacman, here have some of them :v :v :v :v :v :v)


REFERENCES???????? (romance detective and stuff :v) 

just finished part 1. The game seems to be really good. I dont understand why there's no comments here, lel

but just wanted to say that, Gregor is a jerk




oh dont worry, I have 3 cats, wich means I can hardly sleep anyways :v


Martha kinda reminds me of Tokaku from Akuma No Riddle :v 

but with a 6 pack of course :v

anyways, good VN 

I freaking love that little series. Went sleep 2am yesterday just to finish all the 4 games, and I had to wake up 6am today.

Also, I have a little question. I'm a (aspirant) writter, currently I'm writting a book where the protagonist is a young gay girl who loves cute and gay stuff, like cute yuri games and animes, and this game is exactly the kind of game she would enjoy playing. Do you mind if I mention your game in my story, as something she plays? I was thinking even in making that her favorite game, that's how much it suits her. Also, can you tell me when the first game of your series was first published? 

Sorry for the bad English, I'm not a native anglophone speaker.

nooooooooooooooooooooooooo why is it just a demo? I need the full game for the sake of my gayness!