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I don't know if I'm experiencing a bug or if the current version (v0.2.10c) is supposed to only have the Su-27 and one mission that's purely air-to-air combat. What happened to the previous sortie that had a mix of ground and air targets and four planes to choose from?

Speaking which of, I have an older version around (v0.2.1109b) that no longer recognizes my controller and launches SteamVR for some reason. Can you tell me what that's about?

Hey there, that's working as intended. The old mission was removed due to it being unpolished in general and not really in a complete state. It will return at some point.  I hope you understand.

Regarding the controller recognition, it may be that the save files of 0.2.10c is overwriting the one from 0.2.1109b but it doesn't go the other way. To fix this simply go to your /Appdata/Local/ folder and rename the folder "ProjectWingman" to something else. However, once you launch the later versions of Project Wingman you'll have to do these steps again.

Regarding SteamVR, it was a part of the default Unreal packaging plugin which I didn't disable. It has since been disabled for later versions.

Thank you for explaining. Any way I could get a version with the old map that doesn't launch SteamVR? Or are there plans to include a map including ground targets? I really really miss them. :(