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Hi wallach! Thanks a lot for letting us know and describing the issue in detail : ) We've had this problem before (we believe it was you who told us about it, actually!) and thought we dealt with it, but you're probably right and our solution didn't withstand the test of client update. We know what to do to fix it more, er, permanently, though, so thanks again for bringing it to our attention!

No problem. Yeah, I think it was me before, and like I said the the client update brought up the issue again, so you guys know what you're doing!

Can't wait till this is a full game!


Hey there, I took a look at the issue and it seems v23 of the app isn't able to extract the .rar (for the Windows build) as it is currently.

The good news is that the next version of the app (v25) installs it correctly. If you wait long enough, the problem will resolve itself ;) However I'd recommend using butler to push the windows build of the game instead, you can find more information here:


Hi Amos! Sorry for the late reply... As you can see, we've decided to take the "wait long enough approach" :D  But seriously, thanks for the advice. We'll be updating builds soon with a new demo and EA release, and we'll make sure to use butler for both!