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No problem. Yeah, I think it was me before, and like I said the the client update brought up the issue again, so you guys know what you're doing!

Can't wait till this is a full game!

Dunno if you guys have heard about this from someone else, but seems like there's a problem with installing the game from the desktop client. Downloaded and played this demo ages ago. Had an issue with it ending after ch.1, but that was solved by downloading directly from

Now, tried to reinstall it (new computer) but get an error, and can't install it. Checked out the file that gets downloaded, and it's weird - not an exe, zip, rar, etc. file, actually doesn't seem to have any file type -- def not the same type as most other games. The client's updated since then, so I guess something was changed in an update?

Downloading from in browser gets me an actual rar or zip file., so the problem's just with the client.

Hey, thanks for responding. The game ends after the first chapter. It just returns to the menu. I actually ended up downloading the demo from the u7 website and that one had both chapters, so the problem's just here in

Are there supposed to be 2 chapters in the demo or just the 1? I thought 2 but it seems I can only play the 1

Just found a pink letter on the ground outside Trainer Tower, it says nothing is written on it. Is it significant? I'm postgame, if it helps. Sorry if this is a spoiler for something

So, that knocking is creepy. Is there supposed to be someone at the door, cuz when I exit, there's no one.

Is there a way to get in to this locked house?