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Regarding the exclamation message, you’ll need to remove that single show_message call from window_frame.gml in the extension’s directory. That is a leftover of me spending a while trying to figure out why the extension wouldn’t work right in GMS2.x

By default, the example demonstrates Window Commands functions and will wait 30 frames before closing the game. You can find a handful of comments in the example object.

Thank you. In regards to the window_frame.gml, I confess I'm not very well versed in how to change anything regarding extensions. I poked around in GMS2.3 and looked through the window_frame.gml in the Extensions section but I don't really see any meaningful data in there at all, none-the-less anything about a show_message, so I must be missing how you properly go about modifying an Extension.


You go into the extension’s directory in Explorer and open the file with any text/code editor