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Been keeping up with you on Twitter. Seeing you working on these packs gets me excited. I often look at animations first, and then possible things I can do with them in terms of skills or effects. You have some creative ideas and it really opens up for creative possibilities. Glad I found your page. Good stuff, as always.

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Love the pack and happy that you're still making more. One request though, and maybe it's just me. I tend to put your effects into related folders. So, for example, I put these into a Buffs-Debuffs folder, because that's what the effects are, right?

Issue is that each pack has the same names. Buff n Debuff 01, Buff n Debuff 02, etc., so whenever I move the new stuff into the folder, I have to rename everything first so that it doesn't overwrite anything.

Could I request more unique naming conventions for the files? Something like Buff n Debuff P5 01 (for Pack 5)?

It would also help in case there's ever any issues with your animations, it'd be easier to say "Buff n Debuff P3 02 is missing pixels in one of its frames", for example. Not that it's ever happened so far, but could be useful in this way.

Don't get me wrong, it takes me all of like 1 minute to rename, but just wanted to throw it out there.

Thanks again for the great work.

I am a simple man. I see a pimen VFX pack, I buy it.

Great, thanks! I'll definitely be reaching out at a later date.

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Attempting to use this for Game Maker Studio 2 and have no idea what kind of range I should be setting because I'm not fully sure what Silver supports at the moment.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for the font.

Do you do commissions for skill effects?

Dark Spell has 12 VFX Animations, this pack has 10 Dark Spell animations. Out of curiosity, is this an oversight, or is it accurate?

Thanks for the response. I haven't purchased this yet, so that's why I didn't know it was a thing. Great! I'll definitely pick it up.

Interested in using this for my next project. Quick question though - is there any easy way to loop an animation? If, for example, I made a constant fire effect, would there be any way to have this loop properly when exported so that it could go on forever without needing to have a million frames?

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There's something GMLive does not like in my code, but I'm finding it very difficult to discover what that is. The code runs fine, no errors whatsoever. It's exclusively GMLive that has a problem with it.

Anyone familiar with this? What sort of thing would GMLive do this for?

EDIT: Nevermind, just found it. I was using the new color code format (i.e; #FFFFFF) which GMLive is not yet updated for. Still need to use $FFFFFF for the time being.

Thanks for the response. I got it working with what you suggested.

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Hello. This works great in Windows, but less so in HTML5. Is it not HTML5 compatible, perhaps?

I copy and pasted your example for opening a webpage directly for testing. No matter what I do, I get this error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: execute_shell_simple_raw is not defined

I downloaded your GMS2.3+ version yesterday, so it's definitely not outdated.

Thank you. In regards to the window_frame.gml, I confess I'm not very well versed in how to change anything regarding extensions. I poked around in GMS2.3 and looked through the window_frame.gml in the Extensions section but I don't really see any meaningful data in there at all, none-the-less anything about a show_message, so I must be missing how you properly go about modifying an Extension.

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Thanks for creating this. I am having two issues with it, however.

Whenever I hit the X button to close the window, nothing happens. I have to force close the window. Would this not be usable in production? I'm concerned about how players would handle not being able to close the game in this fashion.

There is a bigger problem, though. Whenever I first load up a game using this, I am met with a pop-up with an exclamation mark. I have to hit the Close button on this pop-up to move forward. I looked through your code and I'm not sure where this is being called (or why it would be) and I didn't find anything.

I'm using GMS 2.3, any ideas why this may be happening? It also happens in your provided project, so it's not a case of user implementation error.

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What's the fix for this?

I got it through the itch Racial Justice bundle. A friend of mine is also having the issue. I'm reading now that it says purchase comes with a key and that bundles don't fulfill this process, so that's probably it. Where should I go to get the key?