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We are in the process of spitting and polishing this thing!
Thank you for the honest critique, we appreciate these ones a lot more than the overly positive ones. In the end, it's about analyzing mistakes and improving upon them.

That said I would like to clarify a few thing, if it's alright with you:

- Yes, we have been working 4 years on this game. Two and a half of those years were about learning how to make games!
This was our first time making a game of this complexity and magnitude, after all.  We made a lot of mistakes and we worked on it very casually, because our team were attending university at the moment.
The rest of the development cycle was spent using what we had learned remaking most of the game (mechanics, design, art assets, you get the idea.) We decided to get serious with this game because of problems happening in our country beyond of our control. Not because of the current landscape of the indie game industry.
- Most chests contain potions as placeholders! You will be able to find upgrades for combat as well as useful collectables in those chests. (I should also clarify this in our game descriptions.)
- Um, sorry for causing you a small crisis there? Hah.

That's about it, thank you for playing! I hope you give it another chance when it's finally completed. We are still hopeful but even if it fails like you said, I'm still proud of the game we have created.


Oh, you’re too humble. No need to apologise for the circumstances of your life. A lot of what I write is deliberately meant to be over-the-top and amusing to my readers even if it isn’t directly helpful to the development team, so please take the silly parts with a grain of salt.

All you can do is have a stone-faced Stoic attitude, hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. I believe in you! Which is rare, given how little I believe nowadays.