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I really love the atmosphere you've created here. Excellent choice to make the bird 3d, instead of just a 2d sprite; it works so well. The landing system can be a bit janky at times as you mentioned, but when it works well (and you alight on just the branch you were aiming for) it feels incredible. On the off-chance you're not aware of this issue, I uploaded a quick video showing a landing bug. Overall it's easily one of my favourite entries from this jam. Great work!

Thank you very much! I'm so happy you enjoyed this game. It was a real challenge getting the landing working at all within the time limit. I'm currently working on a better system that should solve most if not all of the issues that currently exist. 

I think the bug you have is probably a result of the collider being too spherical, so it is having trouble detecting that it is grounded. I think I can fix it by making the collider more complex so I will try that for the next build. Thanks for the bug report!