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Wow, thanks for showing my game in this vid! That's super cool. It was really interesting to see someone else play my game, you revealed an issue my game has. You can hold right click to fly but if you stop holding it you glide towards the mouse. It is a lot easier to land in this mode but I didn't make that clear. I was already going to add some in-game instructions but I definitely need to make sure I emphasise gliding. I really don't like tutorials though so I'll need to think about what would be a good way to relay that information to the player. Thanks again for highlighting my game!

Thanks! I'm glad you like the style, consistency is something I think is extremely important in games. And the landing was the thing that took the longest to achieve, even though I'm proud of what I managed to achieve in the time limit I still want to completely remake it... 

My brother pointed out what you found with the hopping animation before but it's not a super easy fix unfortunately and I wasn't able to get it into the game. I think what the camera needs to do is trace the height of the ground while in hopping mode. I'm still working on an update though, it's just taking a long time but hopefully this change will make it in. 

And I'l note what you said about hopping, I was just hoping people wouldn't notice :P

Thank you very much! I'm so happy you enjoyed this game. It was a real challenge getting the landing working at all within the time limit. I'm currently working on a better system that should solve most if not all of the issues that currently exist. 

I think the bug you have is probably a result of the collider being too spherical, so it is having trouble detecting that it is grounded. I think I can fix it by making the collider more complex so I will try that for the next build. Thanks for the bug report!

Thanks! Interesting idea, I just checked and it seems like it's actually possible to make Unity games into screen savers. Would you like me to try it out?

This is a great game with an excellent interpretation of the original comic. That simple little terminal was brilliant! I really love programming in games, this one brought back memories of writing turtle programs in MS Logo at school. It also had great graphics and sound, the rover model was amazing and little touches like the motion of the sun at the beginning made the whole experience so polished. Definitely the most polished and complete game of the jam.

I only found two issues: the way the player is sent back to the start every time the code is re-run and the lack of deterministic physics making certain moves unreliable. The first could be solved with some sort of simple rewind mechanic but the second is harder to fix in the time allotment of a game jam. However, it might be possible to write some simple deterministic physics since the rover basically moves in 2D across a height map. Neither of these issues are critical though.

I also want to say that I used your RPG character tutorial to model, rig and animate the bird in my entry so I want to thank you for making such a great set of tutorials! Without them I wouldn't have been able to make any 3D models at all.

Will do. I'll add a Windows and Linux version next time I add a build which will probably be tomorrow or the day after. Originally it was only downloadable but I had a silly problem where I didn't test my builds before releasing them :/

Thanks :P

Thank you very much! I don't consider myself much of an artist but I tried pretty hard to get a nice look with this game. I modelled, rigged, textured and animated the bird from scratch in blender and it was a real challenge to get it working in such a short time. 

I was hoping to add a stronger reference to the xkcd comic but I didn't have the time during the jam. Hopefully I'll be able to include something in an update since it's one of my favourite xkcd comics and I don't know whether I really did it justice. 

Yep! You just need to get inside somewhere dry and safe from the rain... 

A potential goal was to have multiple ways to "win" the game but I didn't have the time. I'm still working on this so I might add them in later though. 

I'm glad you found it relaxing, I had games like Proteus and Abzu in mind when I started. I also wanted to add a stronger link to the comic but I wasn't sure how given the time limit. Maybe in a future update.

The game was always supposed to be a bit barren but it wasn't supposed to be this barren, I just ran out of time. I want to add some more stuff to fly around as well as some stuff in the distance (treeline, clouds, mountains?) and some small stuff on the ground (leaves, grass?) to make the world seem more lived in. I'm working on obstacle detection and a restart button is definitely going in the next version.

It's also on my to-do list to add some simple onscreen hints at the start of the game. I'll probably do that when I add some more control methods.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Progress on flying towards mouse: 

This is approximately what I had before I removed it. What do you think, maybe just improve the way it looks when landing and a few other edge cases (so it doesn't keep face planting)?

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Thanks, I'll be sure to let my brother know you liked the music! 

Originally the bird did tilt up and down but there was a problem with it vibrating when it came to land so I had to take it out. I didn't have enough time to fix it before but I'll give it another go some time this week. Also the navigation system for landing is really janky for many reasons. I'm going to continue working on that though, probably cutting momentum when the bird lands would go a long way towards helping with landing... hmm.

Thank you very much!

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High praise from someone named gastricsparrow!

Part of the challenge I set myself for this jam was making a game where you could move in 3D but with limited 2D controls. While it sorta worked out there were a lot of janky systems involved as well. Navigation is at the top of that list. The way it is coded is that when flapping you will always try to fly past obstacles but when gliding down you will try to land on them, it's what allows landing on rocks and most tree branches even when they are close to the edge of the area. However the obstacle detection is REALLY bad . I'll definitely work on that, hopefully I'll have the time to push an update later this week. 

And originally it used keyboard controls only, I switched to mouse to give greater control. I'd like to add more control schemes; that's what I did for my last rapid prototype as well. 

Thanks! The ending was made in the last 15 mins of the jam, it was almost cut but I'm glad it wasn't.

I've uploaded a WebGL build which seems to be happier. Let me know how it goes!

Uh oh, I'll upload another build. I might try a WebGL build so that you don't need to download anything.