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hey nice self promotion there dude, was it worth being a dickhead to do?

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I'm not talking about the review pal, but I read that too and I'd really reconsider your tone before going shoving that dreck back in the creator's face. "I'm just trying to show a contrary opinion" is not what you did there, and "this is not worth your time, find something better to do" is not valuable critique.


Look, I get how hard it is to get people to notice your work nowadays, and how cutthroat it can feel to feel worthwhile as a creator now. Engaging with a larger creative community is a great way to keep that grounding, but other people have to feel like you're contributing positively in your thoughts or work, or you get responses like this. I read a few of your reviews in addition to this one, and the majority of what I saw was filled with pompous assumptions pandering to r/gaming types (the unity comment Brianna brought up, the comment about Underhero not being shit despite its indieness and style, even the pervading thought in the Oblige review that it was trying to do Anything other than please you). If you're trying to just do Zero Punctuation-style "entertaining" takedowns of games, if that's what appeals to you that's fine I guess, but if you do it to punch down at games like this, who do you think is going to want to associate with you or engage in good faith? I deliberated a Lot about even giving you this courtesy so I really hope you take a good look at yourself and why you do this, because from what I've seen this is only going to lead to more toxicity.

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If you want to be funny, be funny! If you want to do honest critique, do honest critique! But all I've seen from you is an asshole masquerading as a "critic" who things he's the butt of his own joke when he calls game students "mainstream shills".

Seriously, figure yourself out and stop being a dick. If you want to just be a Yahtzee rip-off, fine, but Yahtzee sucked to begin with so good luck.

Good bye, do better, and fuck off.


“‘Oblige’ Review” Review

Unfortunately, the review was so long and boring that I didn’t make it to the end. The amateurish writing style read more like someone talking to himself for than an actual review. This indie game reviewer has somehow has never heard of IndieCade, a major, well known indie games festival, and instead of googling it like a regular person with common sense, he called it “full of shit,” demonstrating that he is incapable of doing the basic research required to be a game reviewer. This combined with other uninformed opinions including his belief that Unity is an abysmal engine (a common myth believed by normies with no background in game development) suggests that he’s a...a normie. Oh no... 

Yet another major turn-off in the review was his section equating expressing gratitude toward critique to being a “mainstream shill” instead of a sign that a person actively listens to feedback and strives to improve. It’s clear through the review’s quality that this bizarre mindset has stunted the reviewer’s growth as a writer and as a human being. 

Overall the review is unappealing, unnecessarily long,  and lacks even images to make the experience more bearable for potential readers. I’m unsure why “Kratzen” was so proud to present this (as proclaimed at the top of the review) because I would have been truly embarrassed to be associated with such an uneducated,  diarrhea-like stream of consciousness.  I hope the author learns to do research, discovers how to write more concisely, and realizes that if he ever wants to write anything worth reading, he should drastically alter his way of thinking.

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Hi Froge! I guess I should thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts out on the game. I really don't mind critique and I welcome it!

In terms of your review, the one thing that I was really disappointed in is the fact that you singled me and my fellow developers out and like... made some really weird assumptions about us? I know that the Internet provides a low barrier for engaging with others, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you should act as if you know them. I think if you sat down and talked with me, you would probably leave with the impression that I'm not a "mainstream shill" or a "normie".  But whatever, you can think whatever you want about me--but please try to be a bit more respectful and leave those personal impressions out of a game review. 

I want to ask you, as a developer, to not write game reviews by writing about the developer and how many problems you have with them. It makes your writing sound more like some kind of inflammatory gossip column than a legitimate review. I know you have a very unique voice and tone with what I've seen on Kratzen, and I don't want to take that away from you. Just keep the reviews about the games without bringing in your own projections of who the developers are. That's the only issue that I felt the need to comment on--I hope that you can understand where I'm coming from!

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