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I have also decided to make a game inspired by your game and Game Dev Tycoon called Gun Maker Tycoon. In the game you make guns that you can sell and rule the world. In the future you will be able to shoot the guns you make.

It will be made in Construct 2 because Construct 2 is a good 2d game engine and is easy to use.

I would also like to know how did you make the ui for when you click on the screen


Well... I'm not a great tutor but I'll try to explain.

Here's an example:

>on left mouse button click

>create new sprite (mouse.X + 105; mouse.Y)

>create new text (mouse.X + 105; mouse.Y)

(Just example values and names)       You need to have a sprite and a text somewhere on the layout to be able to create them.

If you're new then don't think about animations or any fancy stuff just yet, learn the basics first.

I don't know if you're a beginner and understood any of this. If you are then I advise you to check out some tutorials on

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Ok, thanks :) , But how do you make it go away?

>on right click

>destroy sprite

>destroy text

is the easiest way do to it

thanks, :)