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Ah sorry if i was unclear, effectively i have a parrelel event for event position and if in the right place, displays text and reset locations of player and the event. However in that second if the player was to pick up the event again you will get the previously mentioned error. 

My workaround is to make the first action of the parallel to turn the player around and away so as to make it more difficult for them to pick it up again before the reset. 

That said the best way to avoid it occuring might be to have a 2 second lag in the plugin between throwing something and allowing a new pickup. 

Ive joined your discord but also dont want to take any more of your time then i have already 

As i said before its an absolute gem of a plugin and its a shame more people dont know or use it :) 

How do you check the event position in the parallel event? For what you described, I think you use: $gameMap.event(eventId).pos(x, y)...

This is a default call to check event position on map and can be used for push/pull event, but not pickup event.

To check where a pickup event as landed, use: $gamePlayer.hasThrownEvent(eventId, x, y)

The example above will reset player and event position whenever player has thrown the event 8 at position x26, y19.

Ah yes i was using a position check, the call you have shwon works much better and eliminates the chance of a crash :) 

Thanks alot :)