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Glad to see you still around :) <3 

Thanks for the clarity i know how id event it but was thinking there was a chance to use Moveevent to save the offsetting work. But no biggie :) 

Thanks for responding 

Hi TSR, 

Again love this plugin its amazing

Just wondering  if there's the possibility to have events pick up just like the player, is that possible via script or not?

Would be great for setory events or set pieces :) <3

Hey did this game become downloadable it looks fun to play but the browser is quite limiting 

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This is really good, especially when you have characters that join and leave the team or especially if you want to change to a different party and dont want them having the same gear as your last party (immersion breaking)

Highly recommend

Works with visustella which needs to be said. 

Only points would be if we could get a 'disable exchange' pluging command 

and if 'disable inventory text' as this is the only part that breaks with visustella items plugin

Yes i found a means to make it work by making the parrele common events work in battles (why that isnt default who knows) 

Have you considered or would consider doing a 'in the zone mechanic' in a similar theme 

Which has the button mashing mechanic but the idea of staying within an ideal zone for a period of time 

In my head its a combination of your button mashing mechanic with the zone from the quick time event 

Ah thanks for the reply,, in case anyone asks or has a similar issue it was just that parralel common events dont run in battle scene. But its not too much work to remove that block :)

Hey there 

This is well worth the price to save the pain of making one  myself

but one issue is these do not work when called in battle and they would be amaxing in battles. 

Is there anyway to make them work in battles?

Ah yes i was using a position check, the call you have shwon works much better and eliminates the chance of a crash :) 

Thanks alot :) 

Ah sorry if i was unclear, effectively i have a parrelel event for event position and if in the right place, displays text and reset locations of player and the event. However in that second if the player was to pick up the event again you will get the previously mentioned error. 

My workaround is to make the first action of the parallel to turn the player around and away so as to make it more difficult for them to pick it up again before the reset. 

That said the best way to avoid it occuring might be to have a 2 second lag in the plugin between throwing something and allowing a new pickup. 

Ive joined your discord but also dont want to take any more of your time then i have already 

As i said before its an absolute gem of a plugin and its a shame more people dont know or use it :) 

Worked perfectly :) 

Truly is a gem, is there anymore calls note in the documentation , the code looks obfuscated so i couldn't read into it and work them out. 

Lastly not sure how pertinent a bug but if the player picks up an item again and then either the player or even move/transition you'll get. 

rmmz_managers.js:2030 TypeError: Cannot read property 'throwDestination' of null

    at Game_Player.<computed>.updateThrow (TSR_MoveEvent.js:295)

    at Game_Player.<computed>.updatePickupEvent (TSR_MoveEvent.js:295)

    at Game_Player.<computed> [as update] (TSR_MoveEvent.js:295)

I use the check if the event has landed in a position but is there a call to make an event that was throwable not ? 

Hi, i cant believe im the first commenting on this gem of a plugin :)

Just one question if i wanted a call that would make the player drop the event is that in the plugin?

interesting plugin but i dont think gagspeak works in mz atleast unless im doing something wrong

The Day this gets main menu etc editing powers its an instant buy. 

Comeback SRD the community needs you >.<

do you think you'll make the commands compatible with MZ's plugin command button ? 

Does it support visualising variables as bars? if i wanted to make a stamina bar for instance? 

examples are so different from MV its hard to know the capability 

Also glad to see your not dead :D

Awesome thanks

I may have jumped the gun with the inventory system it says its not for MZ? 

Or is that just because its missing the prequisite note tags? 

But i like the idea of swapping between character inventroies like you had in MV, (Also your guest follower mod which was great)