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I really enjoy the concept of using the camera, you see game after game involving a camera but i've never seen it used this way before and I love that. I absolutely loved that we had to go through different doorways and puzzles to find the next piece to let us advance, but I had suuuchh a hard time navigating through the room with the little black demon ball. To be fair the controls were a little weird for me, after some time I started to warm up to them, but was totally confused when I entered the game because there was not a menu option for controls and there was no tutorial in game, you could even change the poster on the sign to the controls because I was pressing every button on my keyboard trying to figure it out and remember what I pressed. The only other complaint I have about this game is that when you're using the camera, the things you need to rewind are great I love the static look to it, but I feel like everything else become somewhat hard to see. Other than that I think you made a great atmosphere and a really interesting concept, I look forward to seeing what's in the next chapter and what else you'll do with the game!

Thanks for all the feedback! We are glad that you enjoyed the atmosphere and the concept. We'll keep improving and updating the project in the future. Thanks for playing!