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1) Ahhh hey, I'm Tony! I'm a 21 year old college senior studying Digital Arts, focusing on Audio Recording and Production. I'm here looking to join a team to provide soundtracking and SFX!

2) I did not do the last jam, nor any game jam before, so I'm a totally new scared little baby. I'm joining because I really want to collaborate with passionate people and put my composing-in-a-time-limit skills to the test!

3) Jak 3 is my favorite game of all time, and I adore all sandbox/open world games. However, the games that inspire me most are things like Covetous and Loved, little flash games that have an insane amount of powerful storytelling bottled up, like holy crap

4) I have a little experience composing songs and SFX for a friend's game, but I'd like to be much more involved with the game's development and get a strong understanding of the attitude of the game. I have no game development experience, but I love stories and character quirks and such, and can help with writing!

5) I an extremely involved in the Magic: The Gathering community and adore the game to death. My favorite thing to do in the world is go on stage and perform improv comedy with my team at school every week. Also Iron Giant was such a good movie. Like, it's reeeeeallly good.

6) No seriously, do you want to watch Iron Giant? Right now?

7) That's cool, that's cool.

8) You sure?