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You are using Sumatra on linux? Maybe try a more recent version then. You may have to compile it if no binaries nor packages are available though...

This table list PDF readers compatibility with the game:

Feel free to open an issue on the GitHub project with more details on the PDF readers you tried to open the game with.

Got it working with MuPDF. =D

(just had some minor image artifacts)

To those interested, the command in Ubuntu 20.04 to get the program was:

$ sudo apt install mupdf

Then to run the PDF, I opened a terminal window where the PDF was placed and used the command:

$ mupdf [name of the file]

You can either put it in full screen (press f) or maximize the window (click in the square button in the top right of the window).

Either way, you'll need to expand the image as well. To do that, either press shift + w (fit to width) or shift + h (fit to height).

To get the page number, press shift + p, and it'll appear very faintly in the top left of the screen.

To go to a specific page, type the number of the page + g (e.g. 269g to go to the page 269).

There are a few more shortcuts I found, but I don't think they're needed for the game.

Thank you for sharing those instructions!

If I recall correctly, "t" can also be used instead of ALT+<left arrow> to "rewind time" in the game