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Greetings  Studio Namaapa! So um, I don't know how to say it properly. You see I finally received enough money to buy your game,(''Nusakana") but when I was trying to buy it on "PayPal", I could not choose my country on their list, and so I was unable to buy your game. So I thought that, could I buy your game through my card instead of "PayPal"?

Well, to be honest We don't know what we should do with this since the Paypal payment is being handled by Could you maybe try in another store like Steam? The game is in discount right now until November 29th! (though we will apply the discount to in our page)

*sigh* Alright, thank you for the answer. Last question, If I will buy this game in Steam, should I be prepare to some censorships in the Steam version of the game?

Don't worry, there is no censorship at all on both version of the game.