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Man, that comic is sad. :,( Let's see how you interpret it in your game.

It slightly deviates from the heart of the comic, and focuses more on the opening panels than anything, this game is really good!  The idea of executing commands to control the robot is solid and well-implemented, the 3d space is gorgeous and fully realized, the graphics and colors are simple but effective, and the music is melancholy but beautiful.  I love seeing the things the Spirit Rover thinks throughout the game, and their movement is pretty satisfying as well.  

My main complaint is the level of challenge in this game, which is partially because of how the game itself is framed--hear me out.  At the start of the game, you simply present us with the controls and a goal, and leave us to it.  Because of this, I overused accelerate, left, and right, trying out wait and break once in a while but not much.  Eventually I gave up on the level when I kept failing a turn and looked at the walkthrough, where I noticed the skilled use of wait and brake.  If there had been a tutorial (or heck, maybe even a video) modeling things like wait and brake, I might've actually used it more, but I felt no reason to use it with the information presented to me, nor did I really feel the need to experiment with it (since the game didn't really give me room to do so, because of the level design--it's a tight space).

I understand this is my subjective opinion, but I truly feel that this is a flaw in the game. There no real room or space for the player to experiment with the commands, nor are the commands modeled before the game starts, which made Spirit Rover more challenging than it needed to be.

And it really is a fun, decent challenge, with some interesting tools to utilize to get Spirit to the end.  But if I had been more familiar to those tools, I could have had a lot more fun with it.

Even so, I found this game beautiful, funny, and a nicely challenging.  Thanks for making it. :)

I do agree with your comment on the 'artificial' difficulty of the game, I should definitely have found the time to make another, simpler level (with much more open space) to begin the game with. Thank you very much for the detailed feedback, and I'm happy you had a good time with it despite its flaws!