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The comic this is based on is a beautiful one, and I hadn't read it before.  Let's see how you interpreted it. :)

It's a very charming game.  The music and color palette are both very well chosen.  Personally I don't think it really goes in the same mental/emotional place where the original comic does, but this game creates its own space with that comic, which is totally fine.

Exploring and flying is rather fun; I very much liked the flying mechanic (though the player who hasn't read the description will probably spend a bit of time pressing WASD & the arrow keys in confusion).  I do wish there was more to explore and see besides just rocks and trees.  And actually getting in the birdhouse was rather frustrating (because the controls are about going up or down in flight, it was difficult to get in).  Do wish the game had a restart button.

A nice little game.  Thanks for making it.

I'm glad you found it relaxing, I had games like Proteus and Abzu in mind when I started. I also wanted to add a stronger link to the comic but I wasn't sure how given the time limit. Maybe in a future update.

The game was always supposed to be a bit barren but it wasn't supposed to be this barren, I just ran out of time. I want to add some more stuff to fly around as well as some stuff in the distance (treeline, clouds, mountains?) and some small stuff on the ground (leaves, grass?) to make the world seem more lived in. I'm working on obstacle detection and a restart button is definitely going in the next version.

It's also on my to-do list to add some simple onscreen hints at the start of the game. I'll probably do that when I add some more control methods.

Thanks for playing!