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This is the second game I've played that's based on the "Click and Drag" comic.  Let's see how you do. :)

In the description, you say that you "wanted to capture the spirit and simple beauty of that comic", and I think you succeeded.  I like the "adventure game" take you made, and it's pretty well executed with some quirkiness, too (like kicking the tree only to have it go "ow!").  I enjoyed walking around the environment at the end, and like how the player character whistles when you stop moving.  The walk speed is steady without feeling to slow, and fast enough to make progress.

I do have a few minor complaints.  Mainly that T is an odd key to choose for interacting with things, and might not be obvious to a player who hasn't read the description.  And some calm music & sound effects would go great with this environment you've build.  Also the black exclamation point that pops up for examining things is hard to see when there's black in the background (say, like with the tree).  Maybe make the exclamation point gray instead?

This game is very short, and it seems you wanted to implement some more things but didn't have time.  What you do have is a promising taste of what's to come.  Thanks for making it. :)

Thanks for the feedback, indeed i wanted to do more but i chose to do one scene/puzzle at the time . I will indeed have to do somethin about the black on black of the text and the exclamation mark. And of course i totally agree it needed music but no time. The reason i chose T is the same reason as the rest, I initially wanted to have more interactions like (T)alk (E)xamine and  (U)se.