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thanks it was my main reason to use this comic because i liked the aesthetics but i did not just want to make it a copy and paste and just walk around

thank you

Thanks for the feedback, indeed i wanted to do more but i chose to do one scene/puzzle at the time . I will indeed have to do somethin about the black on black of the text and the exclamation mark. And of course i totally agree it needed music but no time. The reason i chose T is the same reason as the rest, I initially wanted to have more interactions like (T)alk (E)xamine and  (U)se.

thank you for your feefback, unfortunatly i replied to you just an hour before i had to go work so i had no more time. I titaly agreed it needed music.

Oh no, not realy sure how that could have happened but probbaly collision detection was taking a nap


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try to explore a bit more its a pretty world maybe you find something else that can help you\

Game looks very good. But it was a bit hard to play i do miss some sounds and or music. Game worked good on linux as far as i could see :) so good on that

I was suprised it was gameover as soon as the heads hit the water. For the rest its an ok game but a bit repetative after a while

Controlls feel a bit off but i can see the effort you put into this. I could not get further than the second level in the water (partly because i am not good at games like this partl because controlls were a bit off). I know its hard in a time limit but try to add some sound as it gives your game a more polished feeling

Web version does not work but linux did. I think it is a good job for the time you had. only problem i had is that i had to close the game and restart to retry

Fun enough to play, a health bar would have helped as i had no idea how much health i had leaft (or the enemies had left for that matter) . 

Thank you for your feedback. And yeah some bugs in there unfortunately all of them except of the asteroid i was aware of but no more time to fix.


The objective is to buy all the fish in the fish list. Fishes are random chances and the news can help you have a greater chance to find them.  Since the fish are not cheap you will need to get the money by buying and selling rescources and so make a profit.

Unfortunately i had no more time for a in game help that should have made this more clearn. 

I like the idea also the art is  pretty with some good background music.

2 things i noticed

1) I understand the idea of the fog but for my feeling it was a bit distracting and did nothing to the overall feeling

2) The increase of points was a bit to high (is just my personal opinion) but point should add a feeling of accomplishment to the game and getting to numbers of a 10000 easy takes away from that feeling. Human minds do not realy comprehend large numbers so it is easier to feel accomplished if the numbers increase slower.

But cool game in a weeks time

Yeah i agree that a hint where the next boost is would help, or a sort of save point system so you won't have to start all the way from the bottom.

Yeah i kept falling often all the way to the bottom but in the end i made it

I like the happy dancing factories and i think has potential but as you said yourself it is not really finished yet but will love too play it again when it is

It looks interesting however is there only one ending ? also i missed the ending a few times as i started moving right and it was so fast that the text was gone before i noticed it. 

Good gameplay but i also got lost. And i had a hard time dodging the bullets. Some sounds would helped to give some more atmosphere to the game.

Fun small game but could probably use a bit more gameplay elements than just pushing 2 buttons. ALso the ending made me feel like i lost but i guess i won when i git overgrown ?

To bad you had no time to finish the concept seems good, for me the smash did often not work or stop half way btw.

I like the gameplay and the art. I would however advice to keep the camera on the player as sometimes i had to wait several seconds to see the character again wat took the speed a bit out if the game play.

Fun idea for the theme, i just missed sounds/music.

Cool concept, at the moment it does not look like you can actually lose am i correct? but definitely  a god  base to keep building on i think

I realy love the art style and the music and style gives it a very atmospheric feeling