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This is pretty nice!  The comic is a great one to choose for a game, and it's executed quite well. :) The different items scattered around the place are pretty neat, though I do wish there was more variety, and sound effects as you picked them up.

I got 5 bars somewhat . . . randomly, though?  From the comic, I decided to pick up the pineapple, and thought I had to stand on a chair--didn't work.  So I wandered around until I eventually found 5 bars in the middle of the room with the couch and the TV.  Was that the intended solution?  Or are there other ways to get 5 bars as well?

I do like that depending on where you are, you get fewer or more bars, and you can use that to find the elusive 5th bar of signal for your cell phone.  And the picture that you eventually get sent is pretty funny. X) Is it supposed to be the player, dancing around your house for a cell phone signal?  Also. love what you said for "Anything else you want players to know before they play?"

Nice job on this! :)


Actually, since the theme of the comic is kinda based on wrong interpretations of feedback, I didn't want to make one or more "solutions". So you always get the 5th bar at one point, but it is indeed random and you don't really have to do anything :D

About the picture it's hum.. an "unsolicited"photo of your friend, hence the "don't trust them". I found the idea funny because they're just stickmen