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This is basically a super sick Bird Simulator. Nothing but love from this sparrow.

Oh yea, constructive feedback... Hmm. You could add navigational aid so you can glide around obstacles when hopping on the ground. Would make it much easier to move around. And maybe different controls for people too lazy to get their mouse?

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High praise from someone named gastricsparrow!

Part of the challenge I set myself for this jam was making a game where you could move in 3D but with limited 2D controls. While it sorta worked out there were a lot of janky systems involved as well. Navigation is at the top of that list. The way it is coded is that when flapping you will always try to fly past obstacles but when gliding down you will try to land on them, it's what allows landing on rocks and most tree branches even when they are close to the edge of the area. However the obstacle detection is REALLY bad . I'll definitely work on that, hopefully I'll have the time to push an update later this week. 

And originally it used keyboard controls only, I switched to mouse to give greater control. I'd like to add more control schemes; that's what I did for my last rapid prototype as well.