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Hey, this is the first game in the jam I've played that's based on a "what if?" article and not a comic!  So that's nice. :)

I wasn't expecting a clicker game, but I found it to be really enjoyable.  At first I wasn't sure if it would hold my attention for very long, but once I bought my first laser pointer and the numbers started going up, I was hooked. X)

The progression in this game is pretty steady, getting more and more watts and going from laser pointer to laser pointer.  The quests along the way are pretty cool too, gathering more and more supporters for your cause of pointing a laser at the sun and seeing what happens.  I like how you took into account how people might be interested in this, and made them into little reward quests the player gets along the way.

The only thing that feels off in this game is the last laser pointer, NIF, which costs far more watts than the laser before it.  I assume you did this because you wanted your most expensive laser so that the player could finally reach the sun, and you wanted that laser to match the one in the "what if?" article in its sheer magnitude (btw, awesome job making all the lasers in this game the same as in the "what if?" article!).  But it it taking quite a long time to get to 4.11E 11 to buy one NIF; as I write this, I'm letting my watts go up bit by bit to buy one.  I'm at 8.52E 09 now.

This is a fun little clicker game.  The graphics are nice, and I love the choice of font and laser guns.  The game itself is basic but well done.  Good job with this! :)


Thank you for your kind words Naomi!

We decided to stick to the numbers of the 'What if?' article, which ended up providing a decent progress. Only hickups were the step to IMAX (too short) and to NIF (waaaay too long), but we decided to stick to the theme instead of taking liberties and changing the actual numbers.

We contemplated making a second button  to buy 1% of the NIF, then scale up the power... but time ran out :P

Do you have any other suggestion to fix this problem while still keeping with the theme?


I think scaling up the NIF's power is a great idea! The "what if?" article mentions that the NIF is a laser at a "fusion research laboratory", so maybe you need to earn pieces of the laser or lab?