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Dungeon Down, a (secret santa) review

The Short: It's just fun.


  • Excellent combat system. Simple, fast and cathartic.
  • Addicting dungeon exploration and treasure. I wanted to keep playing.

Cons (minor):

  • No story. There really isn't much going on here, but it doesn't matter because more loot!
  • Some of the items/weapons etc. were a bit confusing in what they did, and what the different tiers of power were. There are so many different types of gear it gets a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what to get excited about.
  • Mapping is functional, but the dungeon levels get a bit repetitive in layout, especially given that there isn't much reason to explore in the first place.

If dungeon crawling with some roguelike features are your thing, this game is fantastic.  The fun of the combat system and skill progression more than overcome its minor flaws.

Hey @Rubescen!

Thank you so much for your honest review! I'm glad you had fun playing!