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Apparently the mouse option for casting the spell is bugged right now. But if you type "/cast 3" in the command prompt it should work. Another thing to consider is that you can't copy innate abilities (like grasping earth from legendary  beasts). Hope this helps:)

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Ah, thanks! Really appreciate it. Great game!

Btw, do mercenaries re-generate? This is something that's been bugging me because when one dies it's a significant loss of strength for me, given that I'm currently playing a Scholar that relies on my mercenaries to keep me out of melee range.

P.S. Is there any way to save manually on the browser version? It resets my progress every time I clear the browser cache, which kind of bugs me, instead of saving to my account. I can do /unlockclasses, but it's still kind of inconvenient, and I'm afraid one of these times I'm going to accidentally delete one of my games. Any help?


Consider keeping a keen eye out for Moose, Grizzlies and other large beasts. They are as easy to tame as all the other animals and often have incredible stats. They also don't need to be equipped -- which means you don't have to worry about repairing the precious gear you gave them. Gratz on that 15k unlock!

p.s. You can play the desktop version with the save-file from the browser, but its complicated. Best to take what you learned and start the next game using a downloaded version.