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It has been a nice introduction to the MC and her background, it also gives a fair characteristic choices dispite her profession as a temple keeper who is often associate with "too pure for this world" traits; which tends to be Mary Sue problem in some otome ^^;

 Although, sometime it's a bit cringe-worthy when I can't look to the NPC while I talk to them, and there isn't enough distinct separator for the God's speech (If I didn't pay attention to the name and their slight different reaction while speaking, I would never know which one is Tai and which one is Kien ^^; )

Anyway, it's worth for me to keep it in my waiting list ^^

Thank you for the feedback. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the introduction of the main character.

As for the other issues you raised, I do not believe there will be anything I can do about the sprite-less minor characters at this stage without dramatically increasing the game’s budget, but I will certainly pay close attention to the ‘voicing’ of the gods, when I do my next bout of proofing. ^_^