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I'm sorry to hear that; thanks for letting me know. Extraction worked fine locally on my Windows VM, so it might have been an upload issue. I've re-uploaded the Windows ZIP. If the problem persists, let me know.

I noticed that the lighting didn't work properly when testing in the VM. This is likely due to performance issues with VMs, but if the game appears a lot darker than in the screenshots I included, let me know about that as well.

Thank you for your patience and for raising this issue.

Got it to open using winrar now Thanks! I tried it and It was tricky but it seemed to long. Other than that a nice translation of mechanic to game! Anyway one thing I do want to mention is I'm doing a review of design on the games in this jam so here's a shameless plug to my channel if you want to be notified of the vid when released:

My XKCD game jam analysis is out!