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Thanks for the feedback, namjean - I'm glad you enjoyed the demo. I wanted to include a lot of choices in the game which allow you to build your character, as it were, without having to worry about 'earning points' with whoever you might be pursuing romantically.  

And sorry for the cliff hanger >_<  I hope the wait won't seem too long before the full game is released (it already seems terrifyingly short to me. ^_^)

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It gives us players freedom if the choices are given that way which also lead to be more invested especially the MC without putting character development at risk in a way it feels forced. If that's how you put us building a relationship with the LIs, I think I would be readying myself to be emotionally invested to these three gods. Really, kudos to that! 

WELP IF YOU PUT IT LIKE THAT I'm already getting giddy for the full release! I just saw it will be  on Summer 2018, I'll be patiently waiting then! ^^