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A very short play, but I enjoyed it :) As others have said, your mapping is really solid. I love the xp rtp anyway, but it was really pleasant to wander around your world.

I liked the intro, you've got to set up story somehow, and the cinematic way you've achieved it meant I was happy to sit and watch it, so I don't agree with PVGames feeling that it was just an exposition. I suppose I do feel a bit ??? about the evil character, and why his motivation would be just to destroy the world (given that he has to live there too,) but hopefully more on that would be revealed in the story.

The only criticisms I have are kind of nit-picky. I find it a bit strange to still have saving in the menu and looking like it's enabled until you press it. I don't know if there's a better way to hide that command until you hit a save point.

The prices seem a little weird. Why is bottled milk so much more expensive when it heals less LE?

You can't talk to the farmer who is plowing the field.

It did look like some of your sprites didn't match up, particularly in the bar. I don't know the rtp character style, and I don't think it was glaringly obvious, I'm just a graphics based person.

Otherwise, seems like you're off to a really solid start here. Good luck with development! <3


Thank you so much for your review, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Mapping is my specialty, so I'm very happy it's working out.

I agree with all of your critiques. I have big plans for the story (bad guy has motives) but the intro narrative is definitely executed poorly and needs some work. I hope to add more interesting lore hints in the starting area too. 

All the nitpicky stuff I definitely agree with, and I've already fixed most of them for my next release. Thank you for the note on the prices though, as I missed that one. It will be fixed!

The honesty and the positivity I've received from everyone gives me a ton of motivation to continue, so I really appreciate it.