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Same as the guy under me, but on firefox. Unity WebGL seems to be what you're using, doesn't always work.

Edit - Used Microsoft Edge, it worked.


Maintaining Unity WebGL is one messy adventure. We've even had the occasional report where the ocean looks purple rather than brown. 😅

Glad that Edge worked though! We would really like to know your opinion about the game when you're done with it! 🐳


Ah right, I got pretty far and bought 5 different airships. I really loved the work put into every little interaction, and the simple but fun trading was great too. My favorite part is the art style. Egg.

Five of the ten airships is pretty good! 👏 Glad that the art style shines through. 😊 Anything you'd like to see added to the game at all? We would love to know! Egg.