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A great beginning build for your game! A few small bugs/notes of things to be polished:

- Jumping feels a bit janky. The jumps feel smooth when you hold down space the whole jump, but if you let go midway, you immediately go down at a high speed. It's good that this lets you control jump height/distance, but the speed decrease needs to be gradual. 

- The crouch button's placement makes it a bit hard to blend into movement. Maybe change it to L or H, and/or add an option to customize controls? 

- I think player movement speed in comparison to both screen size and enemy movement speed is too high. It does give that nice fast-paced feel, but it's hard to play without stopping every so often to look ahead. I'd think it's best to both lower speed a little and zoom out the screen size a bit, but that might be just me. 

- Wall jumps are a great mechanic, but it can be hard to control them. I think the speed of the player sliding down walls is too slow compared to how fast you usually move. I also think that holding down (as in the "s" key) should let you fall down without wall sliding, since it's too easy to get stuck in narrow columns. 

All in all, a great build! Sorry if the list of stuff comes off as nit-picky. I hope this gets more attention as you update it.


Holy shit, the kickstarter exploded!! I don't really have money to pledge, but I'm glad to have watched the game grow since day 1.

Is there no gallery, or do you have to lose a lot to see anything? 

(great recreation of fnaf tho!)

Are level 3 enemies going to be added to the gallery soon? 

Art's good, glad you're continuing developing

Please add keybinds to select dice, it will make playing the game a good bit faster. Maybe a faster combat animations option too. 

Thanks for working on the game for so long.

just change the resolution

The heartstuck page has the text and the background as the same color, so you can't see anything unless you ctrl+a to highlight it. Is that intentional? 

Also it doesn't seem to have a download link either, just a big gif of a pixel heart.

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The "windowed" option is broken, it stays fullscreen. I can alt+esc or alt+tab out of the game, but my screen stays on it and I can interact with the window I tabbed out to (if that makes any sense).

Edit: I figured out that changing the resolution makes it into an actual window. It was in a window after I changed the option, but the window was so big that it covered my whole screen. Sorry!

Text is too slow, and the color codes show up before colored text when it's displaying text. Good luck!

What does minimum wage do?

I was gonna say this sounds like loot loop loot, I was surprised it was from the same person! 

I get this error in red after walking through the town:

"Nonsense. You're here for the rumors, I know it." Brula interrupts. You have to admit that you are curious about what's going on in town. "Have you ever heard about the hermit who lives in the woods?"

Error: <<if>>: bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: State.variables.hasVisited is not a function

"I'll see you later, Brula." You say, heading back home.

Is this still being worked on? 

Awesome! I didn't write that comment, but good luck on the update. 

Idk if you all are still updating the game, but a way to change controls would be really good.

Aw, that sucks. Good luck with that.

fire: *burning*

electricity: *crackle*

wood: *thunk*

air: "a i r"

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Might be a bit of a stretch, but is there a chance for a web based version?

Edit - There is one on Newgrounds, but will it be fixed up? 

Ah right, I got pretty far and bought 5 different airships. I really loved the work put into every little interaction, and the simple but fun trading was great too. My favorite part is the art style. Egg.

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Same as the guy under me, but on firefox. Unity WebGL seems to be what you're using, doesn't always work.

Edit - Used Microsoft Edge, it worked.

Wait, this isn't newgrounds...

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A few spelling errors here and there, but overall a great game! Will update if I find other things.

-No return to menu button :(

-I think the slo-mo should be a different button, so that in a tight spot you don't cycle through high speeds to get to it.

Great game, but I spent 5 minutes on the loading screen before realizing I need to press j to start...

Is it just shooting to move?

I might be missing something obvious, but... how do you move?!?!

Is there a way to play the full version off of steam?