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Well the concept behind this game had me very interested and the control scheme relying on RNG seemed like it could make the experience interesting rather than boringly just placing/spawning units etc..  Though in my experience unfortunately I ended up running into a lot of issues that detracted from the experience while I was playing.  I was really looking forward to an interesting strategy game though.

To be more specific:

  • The basic setup seemed interesting, clean and had some potential by like I said, making it rely on RNG.
  • On the topic of that though, it seemed as though the RNG never really had a huge impact on the game, since if you wait you essentially can just start spamming out "d20s" and hope to get a good roll, or get enough bad rolls to make up for it.
  • big issue I had was with the friendly and enemy AI just passing each other allowing the enemies to reach the end even when I had a horde of my own guys right there.  Which was kinda infuriating since it was completely out of my control and it lead to a lot of frustration when I was attempting to stop them.
  • One last thing to finish off that was a bit of an annoyance was the fact that it seemed like the "friendly" creeps were very delayed in their spawning.  Or a the very least their spawn was covered enough by the lane health and the dice buttons that it lead to them becoming visible close to ~2-3 seconds after spawning them.  Which generally ruined a lot of plans due to them spawning way later than predicted.  I'd heavily recommend tweaking the location or timings, whichever is really the root cause.  But it seems to be a combination of both.
  • To finish off, the mechanic of each destroyed lane makes your power generate faster definitely seems to be a little unbalanced, since the immediate thought I had was that you could just let all other paths die and spam the main path to keep it alive, which seemed to be a somewhat viable strategy for sure.  Until the final issue.
  • Speaking of that final issue, it seems as though sometimes the enemies would group up very densely, leading to them continually hitting the friendlies and almost instantly evaporating them before they get any damage in which essentially lead to being unable to do anything if a horde spawned or grouped up.  Possibly adding some sort of forced path system or colliders etc. could solve this ?  Or just adding more invulnerability frames to the friendlies/enemies so that they can avoid such insane combos.

That's about it I believe.. I tried to be semi concise but uh... that didn't work.  I also tried to give some suggestions on how to fix each thing, hopefully that did work.