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I'm having the same problem - it's the same one I've had with your last 3 games on the Mac, Mateusz- 'Unable to find game'. It's really frustrating. I've moved them into all kinds of different folders, even onto a Backup HD, but it's the same problem every time. I'm on High Sierra, latest version and have the System Prefs set to  'Allow Apps' from any developer. Is there no other way round it, something in the coding?

No. that's on the SIerra side.

All my apps are now licensed and signed by apple developer (me). They should work, but Sierra just won't have it.

Not sure if this helps, but I've found a workaround for Sierra. If you open the app's resources folder (/[path to folder containing game]/the\ Peter\ Navarre\ Crecy\ and copy everything in that folder to the app's support folder in your user library (/Users/[your username]/Application\ Support/com.mateuszskutnik.crecy/) and then run the game via the Terminal app (Utilities folder) using the command "/[path to folder containing game]/the\ Peter\ Navarre\ Crecy\", it works perfectly, minus some temporary glitching with full screen.

Great game by the way! Well done as always!

I also couldn't get it to work even though I put it in my Applications folder. I did what you said here, but when I tried to open the game from Terminal, the spaces between the words in the file name seemed to freak Terminal out. So I actually had to remove the spaces in the file name, as well as in what I typed into Terminal, and then it worked! But don't forget the "open" command before the file path. :) (I'm new to Mac and didn't know you had to do that) Also I had no trouble with animation smoothness even in full screen. I don't know what's causing all these issues with Sierra; is it better in High Sierra?

Finally got it to work by dropping it onto my Backup Leopard partition. Great little game, thanks Mateusz.  Damn Sierra!

I solved this by copying the application (after unzip) into my Applications folder and running it from there.