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Not sure if this helps, but I've found a workaround for Sierra. If you open the app's resources folder (/[path to folder containing game]/the\ Peter\ Navarre\ Crecy\ and copy everything in that folder to the app's support folder in your user library (/Users/[your username]/Application\ Support/com.mateuszskutnik.crecy/) and then run the game via the Terminal app (Utilities folder) using the command "/[path to folder containing game]/the\ Peter\ Navarre\ Crecy\", it works perfectly, minus some temporary glitching with full screen.

Great game by the way! Well done as always!

I also couldn't get it to work even though I put it in my Applications folder. I did what you said here, but when I tried to open the game from Terminal, the spaces between the words in the file name seemed to freak Terminal out. So I actually had to remove the spaces in the file name, as well as in what I typed into Terminal, and then it worked! But don't forget the "open" command before the file path. :) (I'm new to Mac and didn't know you had to do that) Also I had no trouble with animation smoothness even in full screen. I don't know what's causing all these issues with Sierra; is it better in High Sierra?