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Hi!! It's definitely not intended to go any faster. It's a bug that was already present in the previous version. The framerate is tied to your monitor's screen refresh rate I belive. Or so I was told. I'm guessing your monitor has 144hz refresh rate?

I just recently discovered this and I have yet to get a solution.

EDIT: I uploaded a version with a  tweak. I'm not sure if it fixes the issue though, because I don't have any extra monitors :P I'll have to ask around and confirm this. Sorry for the trouble man! D:

EDIT2: the new download should be okay. At least the animator of the game said his game is running at correct speed now (he had the same problem) 

Wait, so it was a bug all along that I simply adapted to in the past version? xDDD and yeah, 144hz. I'll give the new tweak a try, thanks!