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The game is certainly high quality. It's difficult, but you certainly can find out a way to beat it after several times of retry. At first I hate that I must start over again and again, but I certainlly get better and start to thinking about resources management and saving my bullets. This certainly reminds me of the old Resident Evil, and this one is in great quality. Should I be the spoiler that I love the hidden room in this game. At first I thought the hidden room is impossible to break, but I eventually got the nice upgrade without taking any damage. Good Job, thanks a lot for your work! By the way, I hope that it could have a saving feature so that I don't need to start all over again after I quit the game.

Last release v1.0.014 has checkpoints between each major section.
Adding 2 more checkpoints to the game now.
Episode 2 will introduce a more robust saving feature.