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Great work with these. I will give them a try and see how they are in my projct. If ever, ae you taking in commissions? Like if I need more for use as BGs and such? 

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Well I don't do direct commissions as I might not be able to complete it within a set time frame. But, I do plan on making another pack and I will keep adding new ones to my free pack aswell.

So, you can leave suggestions on what I should make next. Like a Bridge scene or Railroad Crossway, etc.
I'll try to add them in my next pack or add it to my free pack.

Thank you very much for your purchase and support!

Oh, ok. No problem. Maybe you can include some internal and external home locations like Living Room, Kitchen, Garden, Pool Area and such. Oh, also another room, haha. Looking forward to it..

Thank you for the suggestions. I'll surely include a living room, kitchen and another personal room in my next pack. :D