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hey there, thank you for the reply.. 

As for the room, it will generic guest room that can go well with your other rooms in the packs I got - I am currently using your  pack 9 and Tropical Resort packs as a home / house.  As for the room decorations, clutter and such - I don't mind multiple rooms with varrying degrees of clutter and decorations as long as they all come with different Time of Day (yea on TOD). Morning, Afternoon, Evening - same as the ones in your pack 9

The corridors, yes, a corridor that leads to the pool area. 
The pool area, I guess that can be ignored now since the pool area that came with your Tropical Resort pack is great and I like the feel of it.

There is an image included in the Tropical Resort pack, I believe its TropicalResort(8), can I also request an afternoon and evening version of it?

I'm gonna be raiding your packs again for something I need and will let you know if ever I will need more.. 

Hello, I would like to request for something that can complement your Contemporary Packs (Living Room and Bedroom plus Kitchen and Bathroom). Like another Room with a different feel - single bed with desk and PC (different TOD), a house Pool area, Corridor.. 

Oh, ok. No problem. Maybe you can include some internal and external home locations like Living Room, Kitchen, Garden, Pool Area and such. Oh, also another room, haha. Looking forward to it..

Great work with these. I will give them a try and see how they are in my projct. If ever, ae you taking in commissions? Like if I need more for use as BGs and such?