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Thank you for your support

You can use software like xnconvert to convert them into 1280x720 resolution. Hope that helps :)

xnconvert has batch conversion. So you can convert all of the images to 720p all at once, without needing to do them one by one

Glad to hear my BGM helped you. Thank you for your support :)

That's awesome :D I'll check and have a nice read :)

Glad they'll help you :) Thank you for your support.

Hello Anwynn, thank you for always supporting me. I really appreciate it :D

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Thank you, I appreciate it :D

Sorry but I'm not doing any commission work. 

I do intend on publishing more packs though, both free and paid :)

Thank you so much :)

Thank you! :D

Thank you so much for your support :)

That's great! Glad to see these helped you :)

Thank you

Haha that sure would be nice lol, but I do intend to make some funny outfits for the old man ;)

Thank you as always for your support :)

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Yes I have plans on giving beachwear/swimwear clothing to every character and few other outfits aswell but unfortunately, this may take some time.

I'll try to make the beachwear first and update all the packs :)

What I'm currently doing: 

I've made a female teacher, a sports teacher and I'm going to draw two more teachers and a principal, I'll publish them together in one pack soon

That's cool :) Take your time to decide on the roles, it's better to think everything through :)

Ping me up when your game will be done!

Glad they will be a part of your game :)

I'll try to add more outfits as soon as I can. For now my next target is to draw some school teachers.

After that I'll be moving onto the backgrounds again.

Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it :D

Oh that's unfortunate

But don't worry, I got you covered :D

I'll keep on adding more

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I tried to put it up fast so that people can start using multiple characters :)

I'll be adding more outfits later, thank you so much for the support :D

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Really glad to hear this :)

I'll try to publish 2 more female characters, 2 male characters and some teacher characters by end of this year

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The source file is handy if anyone would like to add their own outfits or expressions or change hair colour or eye colour, etc.

If you ever get clip studio, you may try it out :)

Thank you once again!

Thank you, I'll be making more characters in this format so that everything matches in the game :)

Thank you :D

The source file is the original file in which I made this character, if you have the software 'Clip studio paint', you can open the file and make any modifications or additions to your liking.

You can ask around people in ren'py discord server (and other visual novel related servers) if they are willing to draw specified characters as per your needs

You can check out servers like Ren'Py, DevTalk, Zeil Learnings

And I'll also try to deliver more character sprites asap :)

If time is not a crucial factor, you may start creating your visual novel with placeholder characters (random images) and can replace them later when you find appropriate character sprites for your project :)

Glad to hear this, thank you for your support :D

I plan on making more characters but it may take some time as I'm trying to improve my drawing skills. If I'm on time, I would be able to publish another female character next month.

I'll try to be quick!

Really happy to hear this, glad these helped you :)

Also thank you for the credit.

Hello, do you mean that the downloaded files (images) keep disappearing from your laptop's storage? 

Unfortunately, I have no clue as to why that would happen because these are just plain png/webp images which 100% should not have disappeared unless the user deletes them or there is some problem with hdd/ssd or the OS.

A temporary solution would be to re-download the zip files and keep them on an external hdd or pendrive.

If 'Fast Startup' is enabled on your laptop, try disabling it. This could've caused the issue of disappearing files and folders.

It really makes me happy to hear that these backgrounds were of help to create a full game :D Also, I appreciate the credit

I'll make sure to check it out :)

Thank you.

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Do you mean if this pack will have another version like the pack 1 and 2?

Then no, this is it. This pack won't have another version.

I used the same techniques I used for the starter/premium pack 2.

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The next BG pack will be a small mansion pack, hope they will be useful too :)

For the character sprites, I'm trying to improve my artwork. So, it may take some time.

Thank you for your support!

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While Ren'py supports webp, tyranobuilder's FAQ page recommends the use of  jpg, png or gif files. So, I thought I'd just leave it as PNG.

But you are correct, I should provide the packs in webp format. Starting from my next asset pack, I'll publish it in both png and webp format.

Thank you :)

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Most of the backgrounds present in premium pack 1 are available in premium pack 2 with better visuals and different lighting setups. The style is somewhat different.

But a few of these backgrounds in premium pack 1 are not included in premium pack 2. Those are beach scene 1 & 2; Personal room A & B; Cafe; Street A.

My recommendation would be to check out premium pack 2 instead of this one as there are even more BGs in the second pack. 

Thank you.

Glad these will help you :)

You can also check out my free starter pack 2 for more and better BGs. I also have a tutorial series if you need help in getting started with ren'py.

Thank you for your support.

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If you mean these background images then I'm glad to hear that these will be of your help. :)

Thank you

Edit: I just found out that funds means backgrounds in your language. Very happy to see people all over the world finding my backgrounds helpful :D

Glad you liked it, thank you :)

Thank you for the suggestions. I'll surely include a living room, kitchen and another personal room in my next pack. :D

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Thank you for your support.

I've noticed that there are patchy holes in the hair and ears of this character, I'll update it today. So, please download the update once it's published. :)

Edit - It's been updated.

Glad you liked it, thank you for your support :)

Thank you very much!

I will try to make a simple tutorial which would help beginners to get started. :)

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Well I don't do direct commissions as I might not be able to complete it within a set time frame. But, I do plan on making another pack and I will keep adding new ones to my free pack aswell.

So, you can leave suggestions on what I should make next. Like a Bridge scene or Railroad Crossway, etc.
I'll try to add them in my next pack or add it to my free pack.

Thank you very much for your purchase and support!