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Do you mean if this pack will have another version like the pack 1 and 2?

Then no, this is it. This pack won't have another version.

I used the same techniques I used for the starter/premium pack 2.

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The next BG pack will be a small mansion pack, hope they will be useful too :)

For the character sprites, I'm trying to improve my artwork. So, it may take some time.

Thank you for your support!

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While Ren'py supports webp, tyranobuilder's FAQ page recommends the use of  jpg, png or gif files. So, I thought I'd just leave it as PNG.

But you are correct, I should provide the packs in webp format. Starting from my next asset pack, I'll publish it in both png and webp format.

Thank you :)

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Most of the backgrounds present in premium pack 1 are available in premium pack 2 with better visuals and different lighting setups. The style is somewhat different.

But a few of these backgrounds in premium pack 1 are not included in premium pack 2. Those are beach scene 1 & 2; Personal room A & B; Cafe; Street A.

My recommendation would be to check out premium pack 2 instead of this one as there are even more BGs in the second pack. 

Thank you.

Glad these will help you :)

You can also check out my free starter pack 2 for more and better BGs. I also have a tutorial series if you need help in getting started with ren'py.

Thank you for your support.

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If you mean these background images then I'm glad to hear that these will be of your help. :)

Thank you

Edit: I just found out that funds means backgrounds in your language. Very happy to see people all over the world finding my backgrounds helpful :D

Glad you liked it, thank you :)

Thank you for the suggestions. I'll surely include a living room, kitchen and another personal room in my next pack. :D

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Thank you for your support.

I've noticed that there are patchy holes in the hair and ears of this character, I'll update it today. So, please download the update once it's published. :)

Edit - It's been updated.

Glad you liked it, thank you for your support :)

Thank you very much!

I will try to make a simple tutorial which would help beginners to get started. :)

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Well I don't do direct commissions as I might not be able to complete it within a set time frame. But, I do plan on making another pack and I will keep adding new ones to my free pack aswell.

So, you can leave suggestions on what I should make next. Like a Bridge scene or Railroad Crossway, etc.
I'll try to add them in my next pack or add it to my free pack.

Thank you very much for your purchase and support!

Potat0Master would be fine :)

Thank you for your purchase and support!

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tl;dr : Yes you may use these backgrounds in your project.


It is royalty free license, meaning you can use them for your commercial projects as many times as you want. Giving credit is not necessary but I would appreciate it.

But the backgrounds may not be distributed in the form that it is downloaded.