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The game's premise is very interesting and I like the idea of a horror filled chess match. But, at least in my run, I found the jumpscares a bit too overbearing. 

I understand that there's no real way to gauge a player's match, but maybe it might be better to tone down some of the wall text scares and go for some environmental scares like a window shattering and etc.

I also found that the black chess pieces blended into both the board and the background when you are at the table. Maybe either lighten the black chess pieces up a bit or brighten the area around the chessboard. That's my two cents on that if anything else. Great game idea.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thank you for all the constructive feedback and the video. The biggest challenge was defiantly pacing. I was planning on increasing the general scare factor based on the evaluation of the board, but my chess engine is not always very smart (it likes to think its always winning). If I were to come back to this project, the game evaluation would defiantly be the first part I improve. Thank you again for playing!